The Saving Xmas mini games were part of in game quests in which Santa Claus had to deal with a different problem almost every year.
I developed and released them on the European Ragnarok Online server from 2010 to 2015.
Players had to find passwords in game in order to unlock new levels on these mini games, then if they managed to complete the said levels, some info were given to the player to continue the quest in Ragnarok Online.
Of course the games without the related events don't have any point but since they are quite fun I decided to save them here, just in case someone like you would like to give them a try.
Here is more info about the mini games:

It was the second episode of the Saving Xmas quests and was released in 2010.
In case you're wondering, the first Saving Xmas quest didn't involve any kind of mini game.
So this mini game is the very first one I developed and is honestly pretty hard.
The fact that you have to guess the rules by yourself is not helping, and of course they are different on every level.
Just in case it is not hard enough for you, you'll run out of time quite quickly because of the timer.
The graphics are pretty bad, the sound is loud and awful, but all in all it's still quite fun and challenging.

This one was released the year after, in 2011.
I really tried to improve the graphics and the sound this time, even if it could have been better I'm still pretty happy with out it turned out.
In this game you simply have to avoid all the traps by moving your character from wall to wall.
The game itself is way easier than the iMad, but later level are somehow still a bit hard since there's not a lot of time to move around.
If it's not obvious enough for you after the intro, the game is based on Zelda: Link's Awakening.
It is supposed to take place in the Eagle's Tower and initially the last level was supposed to feature Evil Eagle but due to a lack of time, it only appears briefly at the very end.

No Saving Xmas quest was added to Ragnarok in 2012 so the Gravicube was only released in 2013.
This game is probably the one on which I spent the most time working on graphics. It still looks pretty good!
Even if the Gravicube is inspired by Metroid Prime, the gameplay itself is inspired by an online game from the Swedish Armed Force. In this game 4 players had to work together and complete various tasks on the same screen.
So I took this idea and modified it in order to fit a solo game, which then involved multitasking, that's how the Gravicube started.
If you're not good at doing things at the same time, you'll probably have some trouble to complete the last levels!

Click'n Go
This game was released in 2014 and is the one who received the more positive feedbacks from the community.
It's basically an homage to the game Osu! Tatakae! Oendan!, known in our countries as Elite Beat Agents.
There's 7 playable songs, +1 extra for the last level, and each week was harder and harder.
It may seems a bit more simple technically speaking than the previous games, but every single level was designed and timed manually so let me tell you that it took a lot of time to get everything done and costed me a few extra hours of work at home.
That being said, I'm really happy with this game. The music is great since all tracks are coming from Ragnarok Online, it looks cool while being challenging enough to keep you entertained.
It's without a doubt one of my favourite game, if not my favourite of the Saving Xmas quests. The in game quest was also pretty good and ended on an emotional note, which was great too!

24 Days of Happiness
This mini game released in 2016 is the last one that I developed for the Saving Xmas quests, since I left the company before Christmas 2017.
I wanted something that could make people happy after all the bad news of the year so this game is not as 'dark' as the previous ones.
There's a cheerful music playing in the background, everything is pink-themed, there's a lot of smiling little drawings, etc.
The goal of the quest was to make NPCs happy in game, so you had to create a potion of happiness in this mini game, hence the cauldron.
You have to follow the recipes carefully, but sadly for the players there's a lot of pages in the cooking book and the game is not as easy as it may sounds!

I hope you'll enjoy these mini games, they are far from perfect but if you think that some of them are fun, then mission accomplished!
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