How to play
Click on Start if you want to play the first level, or enter a password if you want to play the next levels. You can copy paste the passwords from the list below. If you want to turn off the sound, click on the green triangle button at the top right. Open the recipe book at the bottom right by clicking on it, and look for a recipe matching what was above the cauldron by turning the pages. Read the instructions then close the book by clicking on the cauldron and follow them, then a new recipe will appear no matter if you did it good or not. Sometimes the recipe will ask you to act differently depending on the info displayed on the second page of the book so remember them. The amount of failures allowed is displayed before the game as well as the time limit.
Good luck!

Level 1: N/A, just press Start
Level 2: Teen
Level 3: Knick
Level 4: None
Level 5: Jane
Level 6: Veep
Level 7: Orange
Level 8: Breaking
Level 9: Mad
Level 10: Justified
Level 11: Luck
Level 12: Skies
Level 13: Defiance
Level 14: Empire
Level 15: Strike
Level 16: People
Level 17: House
Level 18: Fire
Level 19: Away
Level 20: Firefly
Level 21: Sopranos
Level 22: Arrow
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