How to play
Click on Play if you want to play the first level, or on Password if you want to play the next levels. You can copy paste the passwords from the list below. If you want to turn off the sound, click on the green triangle button at the top right. Use the arrow keys to move your character from wall to wall and avoid traps. On certain levels you'll need your mouse to click on a circle before it disappears. Avoid red traps and go on blue traps to survive. At some point the controls will be reversed, and then shuffled, so be careful. First levels are really easy so if you want some challenge, feel free skip them.
Good luck!

Level 1: N/A, just press Play
Level 2: zinzolin
Level 3: marine
Level 4: rubis
Level 5: denim
Level 6: majorelle
Level 7: amarante
Level 8: celadon
Level 9: incarnadin
Level 10: nankin
Level 11: oscuro
Level 12: pinchard
Level 13: albatre
Level 14: malachite
Level 15: vairon
Level 16: nacarat
Level 17: smaragdin
Level 18: cinabre
Level 19: auburn
Level 20: carnation
Level 21: flavescent
Level 22: maduro
Level 23: capucine
Level 24: baillet
Level 25: sanguine
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