How to play
Click on the top button on the iMad, then on the monster, then on the lock and finally enter a password and press OK, the rest is up to you. That's part of the fun, rules are different on each level, and you have to find out by yourself what to do in order to win. It is as hard as it sounds, and later level are even more ridiculously hard.
Good luck!

Level 1: user458xb
Level 2: userqmk409
Level 3: usero2jv4d
Level 4: user7xgo98
Level 5: usertb317
Level 6: user36r3l
Level 7: userkro51
Level 8: user1774br
Level 9: userk4k01
Level 10: userlolilol
Level 11: userbet218
Level 12: userz00k0
Level 13: user76sb1
Level 14: user5pv3fg
Level 15: userfro555
Level 16: usersdk26
Level 17: userb0xxy
Level 18: userwe132z
Level 19: user99dsk
Level 20: user127qp
Level 21: usertop50
Level 22: user1a2b3c
Level 23: userxxxx
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