How to play
Click on Play if you want to play the first level, or enter a password if you want to play the next levels. You can copy paste the passwords from the list below. If you want to turn off the sound, click on the green triangle button at the top right. Rules are explained before each level, but to sum things up:
Top left: you have to turn the arrows by using your arrow keys to avoid the red light, face the blue light, and click on the arrows when lights are green.
Top right: use your keyboard to write what'll see before the letters reach the bottom line. If there's a number, use your numpad.
Bottom left: Check the color displayed on the timer bar and click on the corresponding one right under before the bar disappear.
Bottom right: Press and hold the space bar then click on the growing square to make it smaller, you'll loose if it gets too big but you won't get any point if you click when it's not big enough.
Good luck!

Level 1: N/A, just press Start
Level 2: Metal
Level 3: Jungle
Level 4: Baten
Level 5: Battalion
Level 6: Monkey
Level 7: Killer
Level 8: Splitters
Level 9: Squadron
Level 10: Joe
Level 11: Paper
Level 12: Echoes
Level 13: Soul
Level 14: Evil
Level 15: Beyond
Level 16: Sunshine
Level 17: Waker
Level 18: Melee
Level 19: Prime
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