How to play
Click on Start if you want to play the first level, or enter a password if you want to play the next levels. You can copy paste the passwords from the list below. If you want to turn off the sound, which is obviously not recommended here since it's a rythm game but hey suits yourself, click on the green triangle button at the top right. Click on the notes when the outer red circle is perfectly on top of the inner green circle. The bar at the top is the health bar, and will decrease over the course of the song. You'll loose when the bar is empty, but you can increase it by clicking notes at the right time. The green notes are regular notes and the pink ones are critical notes, you don't want to fail these ones since they can decrease the health bar quite a lot.
Good luck!

Level 1: N/A, just press Start
Level 2: Heaven
Level 3: Portrait
Level 4: Attack
Level 5: Sentinels
Level 6: Nine
Level 7: Ace
Level 8: Spirit
Level 9: Emblem
Level 10: Advance
Level 11: Conquest
Level 12: Ecclesia
Level 13: Chinatown
Level 14: Elite
Level 15: Crossing
Level 16: TWEWY
Level 17: Specter
Level 18: Village
Level 19: Ruby
Level 20: Super
Level 21: Partners
Level 22: Sorrow
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